Investment Banking

The Investment Banking Department provides its clients with a complete solutions service, from assembling and underwriting long-term financing to the structuring of complex and specialized products. Our products include: Structured Finance, Leveraged and Acquisition Finance, Project Finance, Financial Restructuring, Financial and Corporate Finance Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Market Debt and Real Estate Financing, among others. For queries related to new business, please contact: [email protected] Below are the products and services available for Investment Banking:

Advisory Services

Trusted advisory to guide your business in Angola

With an extensive footprint across Africa and in selected markets globally, and with the expertise and experience of our on-the-ground teams, we guide clients through often challenging and complicated financial and regulatory environments. Our business depends on strong relationships with all stakeholders, and on accurate and trusted research that drives our informed approach

Corporate Finance Advisory

Supporting your growth in Angola

As Angola gathers momentum, there is an increasing need for expert advisory services to support corporates and institutions across the spectrum of corporate actions. Angolan corporates and institutions should also in the near future be making greater use of capital markets for their investment and funding needs, which require specialist technical advice.

Our extensive footprint in Africa and in key global financial markets, combined with the expertise and experience of our on-the-ground teams, enables us to guide clients through challenging and complicated financial and regulatory environments. We are a committed and attentive partner, supporting our clients throughout each transaction.

We have international connections through our:

· Strong on-the-ground capability in China with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Through our relationship with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, we are able to facilitate investments and M&A activity into Africa
· Presence in London to support and service our multi-national clients from their home base
· Presence in Brazil, to facilitate transactions and M&A activity between South America and Africa
· Presence in other global financial centres including New York, Singapore and Dubai

Products and services

Our highly experienced team provides innovative solutions for complex transactions across a wide range of industries through:

· Transaction structuring (debt and equity)
· Mergers and acquisitions
· Public to private transactions (including leveraged acquisitions)
· Corporate and debt restructuring
· Capital raising
· Valuations

We ensure our solutions are fit-for-purpose and appropriate to client needs. Our team also draws on the expertise of product teams and sector specialists across the full capabilities of Standard Bank.


Your partner for growth

Standard Bank supports the aspirations of global and local corporate and financial institutions looking for a banking partner to lead the way across Africa. With our unique local insight, an extensive presence and strong global links, we offer our clients expertise depth and a wealth of products. We are focused on delivering superior, sustainable shareholder value by serving the needs of our customers through first class, on the ground operations in Angola and selected African countries.

Standard Bank is a leading provider of advisory, debt and capital markets services in Africa. We have a deep specialisation in natural resources, and also finance major projects in a diverse range of sectors, both domestically and across borders.  We continue to assist our corporate clients with their local and international expansion plans.  We also assist local and national governments with their funding requirements and infrastructure projects, contributing to improvements across the continent.

Our financing services include:


Debt primary markets

Financial solutions for all your capital needs

With an extensive presence across Africa and experience in the sectors most relevant to its growth and development, Standard Bank provides versatile solutions to our clients.

The investments in the bond market tend to diversify risk and enhance fixed income returns. Debt markets provide more direct access to capital with better long-term efficiency.

Products and services

Our team draws on the expertise of product teams and sector specialists across the full capability of Standard Bank to ensure our solutions are fit-for-purpose and appropriate to all our clients’ needs. 

Our debt primary markets services involve:

Structuring advice

Financial modelling

Transaction execution

Liaise and negotiate with rating agencies

Inform and attract the support of the broader investment community

Equity capital markets

The go-to bank for African capital

Sub-Saharan Africa is becoming a significant growth region for global equity investors as opportunities in the region outperform traditional investment destinations. The shift aligns with the increasing size, liquidity and sophistication in many equity capital markets in Africa.

Standard Bank understands African markets and has unrivalled knowledge and expertise in leading African and emerging markets equity transactions. We use local knowledge and international experience to maximise investor demand, both in-country and internationally, to provide our corporate clients with strategic equity advice and execution that is customised to meet their unique requirements.

We cover a wide range of assets and are leaders in positioning them to a global investor base. With a leading platform to connect capital flows into, out of and across Africa wherever it is set, we are proud of our role as a conduit for African capital. Our success in sourcing, originating, structuring and executing deals across Africa has supported significant growth in Standard Bank’s equity platform, counter to the trend for most other trading platforms.

With local product knowledge and strong local and regional relationships, our on-the-ground team ensure that we understand and can safeguard investments for our clients.

Products and services

Our team is able to execute and provide advice on:

Initial public offerings

Share placements

Follow-on offerings

Rights issues

Company listings

Corporate Finance

The key to growth in foreign markets

Although gearing has slowed globally, the demand for infrastructure remains high and cash flow prospects remain strong across a number of sectors in Africa and emerging markets. In Angola strong government support is evident for power and infrastructure projects. Angolan growth remains contingent on upgrades and development of facilities across power, roads, rail, ports and social infrastructure. The challenge for financial institutions is to provide competitive and sustainable financing solutions.

Standard Bank is the largest bank in Africa by assets. With broad transactional and commercial experience in Africa and selected emerging markets, we offer a full spectrum of project finance products and leading capabilities in Africa.

We have a proven ability to secure appropriate funds for our clients on the best possible terms. With long-standing experience in emerging markets and deep understanding of our clients, we match them to suitable investors. Also, with some traditional sources of debt capital across Africa now facing increased regulation and capital charges, Export Credit Agencies (ECA) funding solutions are going to become increasingly important as a source capital.

Where necessary, our team draws on the expertise of product teams and sector specialists across the full capability of Standard Bank to ensure our solutions are fit-for-purpose and appropriate to client need.

Products and services

Financial advisor, arranger of senior debt and equity for all large capital projects

Financial modelling

Sensitivity analysis

Risk evaluation and development of risk mitigation strategies

Advice on the structure and negotiation of  project contracts

Financial structuring

Arrange multi-tranche funding

Arrange single and multi-sourced ECA solutions


Sector expertise

Our project finance team creates customised solutions that draw on sector and product expertise from across the bank. We have particular experience in:

Power and infrastructure

There is huge unmet demand in this sector in Angola, presenting significant opportunities and the need for an expert partner who can advise on and secure appropriate funding on the best possible terms.

Mining and metals

Angola is richly endowed with mineral wealth and there are a number of opportunities to benefit from and despite the cyclical downturn in commodity prices this sector can still benefit the economy and provide a source of funding for other sectors with higher multiplier effects.

Oil and gas

This sector is a major contributor to the Angolan economy and with our team of Oil and Gas specialists, we are able to provide in depth advisory and structuring capabilities that fit the needs and requirements of this sector.

Telecommunications and media

As a comparatively new sector in Africa, it is well-supported by international investors. The sector is currently dominated by telephony but data services are gaining prominence.

Diversified Lending and Leverage

Your partner for success

Diversified Lending and Leverage has a presence in sub-Sahara Africa. Our relevant sector expertise, detailed understanding of our client’s businesses and collaboration across other specialist areas across Standard Bank enables us to provide the most appropriate funding solutions to our clients. The team services corporates, private equity sponsors, governments and state-owned entities.

We have the ability to provide financing of senior secured and subordinated debt. We have expertise in refinancing or restructuring existing finance arrangements.

We have concluded numerous ground-breaking finance deals, many of which represent the first or the largest transaction of their kind in the sub-Saharan African market.

Products and services

We deliver holistic funding solutions tailored to match our clients’ specific needs across:

Acquisition finance

Leveraged finance, leveraged buyout, management buyout

Leveraged recapitalisation

Public-to-Private finance

Growth capital or capex finance

Consolidation, restructuring or rehabilitation finance

Bridging finance

Real Estate Finance

A partnership approach to support ongoing success

Our Real Estate finance team offers the largest dedicated real estate platform of any financier in sub-Saharan Africa and our expertise extends across the continent.

We tap into the vast resources and expertise within the Standard Bank Group to provide seamless access to specialist areas within the organisation and across the globe. This facilitates the professional delivery of flexible and comprehensive funding solutions positioning our clients at the forefront of their real estate-related initiatives.

Our footprint across Africa and on-the-ground expertise means that we can structure solutions for clients in various organisations, industries and countries.

Products and services

We provide term and development funding in areas of the real estate sector through a variety of solutions specific to the needs of our clients, including, commercial, industrial and retail developers and investors.

Vehicle Asset Finance (VAF)

Standard Bank Angola provides short- to medium-term funding to finance the purchase of moveable assets, such as motor vehicles and equipment for your business.

Products and services

Finance lease

This is a contract that allows us to buy the asset and lease it to you in return for specific rental payments. Once the lease period ends you have the option of gaining outright ownership and title of the assets for a residual value.

Sale and lease-back

This option is for corporates that want to raise cash by "selling" their unencumbered assets to us and we refinance them over a specific period.  This transaction is offered on a restrictive basis due to the risks associated. 

Company car schemes

We direct finance solutions - we finance employers on a normal finance transaction or on a rental (operating lease) basis. The employer then lets their employee use the vehicle.

Types of assets financed

Passenger and commercial vehicles

Capital equipment, including plants and machinery, mining equipment and printing

Medical and specialised healthcare equipment

Construction equipment

Agricultural equipment


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