Transactional Products and Services

The Transactional Banking Division offers products that aim to add value to the way Customers deal with the cash management cycle of their respective businesses. Increasingly Clients have made use of SBA intermediation to address the challenges in managing their liquidity. Standard Bank of Angola strives to continuously introduce solutions that allow better liquidity management as well as an increasingly efficient circulation of funds. For queries related to new business, please contact: [email protected] Below are the transactional products and services available:

Cash Management

Standard Bank Angola offers a range of cash management solutions customised to meet our clients’ specific account management, payments, collections and liquidity management requirements, both domestically and internationally. Our solutions are designed to help our customers manage their working capital requirements more effectively and efficiently. 

·Cash Management Collections

·Cash Management Account Services

·Cash Management Liquidity Management

·Cash Management Payments

Products and services 

Account management

Standard Bank Angola offers a range of account types to suit your company's individual requirements. Resident and non-resident accounts are available with the ability to transact in any currencies.

We offer the following account types:

·Current accounts

·Savings accounts / Fixed Deposits

·Accounts for financial institutions

·Foreign currency accounts


Standard Bank Angola’s payment solutions ensure that our clients’ payments are implemented accurately and on time. Payments can be made electronically via a range of secure channels or physically by means of cash, cheque or card.

Our electronic payment solutions enable our clients to:

·Initiate payments in secure way from remote locations globally

·Make single or bulk payments

·Make local or foreign currency payments from a single point of origin

·Transfer funds easily between Standard Bank Angola accounts

·Generate comprehensive reports and statements

·Advise beneficiaries proactively when payments have been made

·Make online tax payments

Cash delivery capabilities are available for your float, payroll and petty cash requirements. Distribution of cash is handled by our network of branches and cash centres.

As an additional service, Standard Bank Angola is able to issue guarantees of payment to our clients’ creditors where required.


Standard Bank Angola’s collection solutions ensure value is passed to your accounts as quickly and securely as possible, and that enough information is provided for you to identify the source of any funds 

Our range of collection solutions include:

·Cash collection via numerous channels (for example, branches and cash centres). 

·Teller on site: A team of bank tellers handle receipting and counting of cash on your premises

·Cheque collection

·Foreign currency receipts

Liquidity management 

Services offered under our liquidity management product suite includes:

·Sweeping products, which are available on request 

·Escrow Services gives you comfort and security in specific commercial relations intermediated by the Bank as a neutral third party

International Trade Services

We are continuously evolving to align ourselves to partners outside of Africa, to secure the key trade flows into Africa.


· Fast, efficient and reliable trade finance solutions
· Securing performance and payment obligations
· Supporting your trading activities across different regulatory environments
· Open Account Trade Finance Solutions

Our service offering is complemented by the following value-added services:

· Trade solutions 
· Market and economic research with a particular focus on Africa
· Trade seminars and other services to educate and inform clients about trading opportunities and how to mitigate risk
· Incoterms, or international commercial terms, which are a set of international rules designed to avoid or reduce the uncertainties of different interpretations of delivery terms in different countries.

We offer integrated solutions, customised to our clients' specific requirements, and ensure that we develop the most suitable solutions by collaborating with other specialist business units within the bank.

These include:

· Commodity and currency hedging
· Foreign exchange
· Structured trade finance

Transactional Channels

Your business success is our business with our electronic solutions

Standard Bank Angola recognises that keeping a successful company going is a delicate balancing act. Apart from managing your supply chain, ensuring you are adequately staffed, keeping your clients satisfied and maintaining your systems, you need to make sure you collect from your debtors and that all your bills are paid on time.

We offer Business Online (internet banking platform), Host to Host and Swift integrations.

Products and Services

Our electronic solutions provide:

· A comprehensive, customisable range of products and services designed to meet your specific banking needs
· Access to your banking portfolio at any time
· Relevant and useful information on all aspects of your electronic banking portfolio
· Improved control over company funds
· Effective management of cash flow
· Accelerated back office account management and reconciliation functionality

Money market account management

Our electronic solutions provide simple and cost-effective access to your term, deposit and current accounts.

Our online facility enables you to:

· Manage and view your accounts, across different entities and geographies
· Perform balance enquiries
· Obtain up-to-date statement information
· View interest details
· Obtain historical information dating back 180 business days

Payments and receivables

Our electronic capabilities gives you access to a host of robust payment and collection solutions, both domestically and internationally.

Features and benefits of electronic payments and receivables include:

· Single or bulk payments can be made in real time or future-dated up to 180 days
· Payments can be generated for beneficiaries in Angola, Africa and globally
· Local payments can be made from a single point of origin
· Foreign payments can be initiate from a single point of origin
· Funds are easily transferred between Standard Bank Angola accounts
· Online tax payments can be submitted electronically
· Business Online gives you the option of receiving alerts when payments are made
· Internet payments into your bank account can be made by electronic transfer. A company deposit identifier may be used by your debtors instead of a bank account number to keep your account details confidential
· An account validation service is available via Business Online, allowing you to check the integrity of accounts across banks in Angola before making any payments

In addition to our Business Online interface, we offer alternative secure communication channels for data transfer between your financial applications and the bank's systems. Our host-to-host solution provides a delivery channel to enable processing large batches. We also accept instructions from any bank with bi-lateral SWIFT agreements in place.

Balances and statements

Balances and statements for single and multiple accounts can be retrieved and printed via Business Online allowing you to monitor your transactions in real time.

Features and benefits of electronic balances and statements include:

· Balance enquiries can be made on all accounts at any time of the day
· Statement information can be downloaded and exported into your existing accounting or ERP systems
· Historical information dating back 180 days is available online
· A search facility enables you to locate specific statement items quickly and accurately
· Balances and statements may be viewed and printed on all the accounts in your portfolio that allow you to monitor transactions
· Statement and interest details are available on investment accounts
· Statement frequencies can be changed according to your needs


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