Banking Protocols

We offer a wide range of products, services and financial solutions for your employees.

What does it offer me?

For companies:


    • Promotes banking benefits to your employees
    • No risks or costs
    • Improves your company´s image among employees and the community
    • Reduces employee absence to attend to banking issues
    • Improves retention of employees.


For employees:

    • Quick and easy access to banking services through personalised service from a dedicated relationship manager
    • Access to financial products and services with exclusive benefits
    • Free Internet banking.


What do I need to apply?



    • Sign a Workplace Banking agreement with us.




    • Local-Exchange resident:
      • Copy of ID card or Foreign Resident card
      • Copy of taxpayer card
      • Last monthly income statement, or proof from employer stating your salary and job position.
      • One photograph or coloured photograph (copy).
    • Non-Local Exchange resident:
      • Copy of passport with work visa
      • Taxpayer card (if available)
      • Last monthly income statement or proof from your employer showing your salary and role.



Online banking

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