Vehicle and Asset Finance

Vehicle and asset finance helps you to meet all your vehicle and equipment financing needs. It is asset-based and allows you to buy acceptable, identifiable, durable and moveable assets. We offer finance for the following assets: Machinery and equipment Earthmoving equipment Commercial vehicles/public transport Shipping and commercial fishing Medical equipment Agricultural equipment Motor vehicles. We have accredited vehicle and equipment suppliers with whom we have good working relationships. By choosing to buy your asset from any of these suppliers/dealers, you get many benefits you would not get from a non-accredited dealer.

What does it offer me?


  • A full range of insurance products
  • Flexible repayments arranged to suit your cash flow.


Financial lease


  • This finance facility gives you the use of an asset while you are paying for it
  • We retain ownership of the asset. Once all payments have been made, you may return the asset to us and negotiate to become the legal owner or renew the contract at an annual rental
  • Deposits are negotiable
  • Balloon payments can be structured into the agreement
  • You can finance the asset over a maximum period of 60 months
  • Flexible payment structures can be negotiated

Market-related interest rates.

What do I need to apply?

  • You need to have comprehensive insurance on the asset for the full term of your contract


We have a dedicated and professional team to help you make the right decision about business or personal finance.


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