Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions, if you do not find the answer to your questions below, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Heritage Insurance

  1. What is the link between the Heritage Insurance and Stanbic bank?

Heritage Insurance and Stanbic bank are part of the Standard Bank Group, but separate legal entities in Kenya

  1. Can these services be received at all Stanbic Bank branches?

Not at the moment

Transactional Banking

  1. I made a deposit but the money is not reflecting in my account as yet. What should I do?

Please call Customer Care for further assistance.


  1. Is there a charge placed on standing orders?

Yes there is. A set-up fee of kshs. 300/- if processed at the branch but free on Internet banking. Normal charges apply for remittances.

SBG Securities


  1. Can I access SBG Securities services at any Stanbic Bank branch?

Not at the moment, but we have appointed agents in major towns. You can access the list of our agents network on


  1. If I want to move my CDSC account from another broker to SBG Securities, what do I need to do and is there a cost involved?

There is no cost involved. You will need to activate your CDSC account with us and complete the CDSC form 4A/4B to transfer your portfolio to us.


For more information on SBG securities, please visit our FAQ page on's


How do I protect myself from fraud?

  • Keep your PIN a secret. Memorize your PIN, and never write it on your card or store it with your card.
  • Change your PINs often
  • Don’t provide your debit or credit card number, PIN or other personal information in response to an unsolicited email or online request. 
  • Be careful when shopping online.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, report it to your financial institution right away.
  • Keep an eye on your money by reviewing account statements.
  • Don’t expose your card to magnetic objects, dirt and grit, keys or other objects that can nick the stripe.
  • Make sure your ATM or debit transaction is complete, then review your receipt before leaving the terminal.



  1. What services can I access via a Stanbic Bank ATM?


  • Cash Withdrawal via Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Plus, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus Cards & Pesa Point member banks
  • M-Pesa cash withdrawals
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Funds Transfer (Inter account)
  • Bill Payment (Stanbic Credit Card)
  • Cash & Cheque deposits
  • Change Stanbic Debit Card PIN
  • Foreign transactions
  • More details on the service requests such as travel advisory


  1. What are the ATM charges for each transaction?


  • Free cash withdrawals for Stanbic Bundled fee accounts
  • KES 35 for cash withdrawals on non-bundled accounts
  • KES 82.50 for Pesa Point Member Banks
  • M-Pesa charges apply for the M-Pesa withdrawals


  1. Is there a minimum or maximum cash withdrawal limit per day?

KES 40,000 daily limit for cards. The daily limit for bank to mpesa (B2C) transactions is KES 140,000, while the transaction limit is KES 70,000.00.


  1. If I try to make a withdrawal and the ATM shows the transaction has gone through but no money was received, what should I do?

The money will automatically be credited back to your account.


  1. If my ATM card is ‘retained’ by the machine, what happens?

Please contact your nearest branch.

Internet Banking

  1. How do I sign up for Internet banking? Is it free to sign up?

You can self-register on the internet banking landing page. Your one time password will be delivered immediately to your cell phone registered with the bank. Your system generated username will be displayed on the screen. The option to update it to a username that you prefer is available. Sign up is free.


  1. What services can I access via internet banking?
  • Self-service functionality (Self registration, user name and password reset, update personal details)
  • View and export account balances and statements in XLS,PDF,CSV,HTML
  • Online account opening (Savings account/Current account/Fixed deposit account, Call deposit accounts)
  • Inter account transfers
  • Real Time Gross Settlement payments (funds transfer to other banks in Kenya)
  • International Transfers
  • East Africa Payments – Funds transfer to other banks in East Africa
  • Bill payments (Zuku, DSTV, Credit card, Go TV, Kenya Power and Nairobi Water)
  • Mobile top up to self and others
  • M-pesa payments (single and multiple)
  • Itax Payments
  • Direct tax payments
  • Offline service requests (Apply for loan, General account queries, Increase credit card limit, Mobile banking registration, Renew fixed deposit account, Salary Advance, Bankers cheque request, New cheque book request, Update personal details, travel advisory.
  • Alerts management (e-statements, e-Alerts and SMS alerts)
  • Personal finance management module- This will help in management of budgets, categorizing transactions, goal creation and tracking of the same.
  • Stop cheque functionality


  1. What are the charges on various internet banking services?

There is no monthly fee charged for personal banking and business banking customers. Transaction fees will be as per the bank pricing tariff guide.


  1. I forgot my password/Username/ what should I do?

If you forget your user id and password, please click on the ‘forgot password or forgot username link on the left side of the internet banking website. You will be required to answer three security questions and; your username or new password will be sent to you via SMS or email. You can also contact our customer care centre for more assistance on +254(020)32680000 or email [email protected] for assistance.


  1. Is there a free online bill payment service? If so, which accounts facilitate this?

At the moment, none.


  1. Is there an extra fee charge for alerts for either online or mobile banking?

No extra fee is charged for notifications.

Mobile App

  • Bill Payments


  1. Which bill payments are processed through Stanbic Bank mobile banking?

Nairobi water, Kenya Power pre-paid tokens, Kenya Power Postpaid, Card payments, DStv, GoTV, ZUKU, JamboJet.


  1. How much does it cost?

It costs Ksh.33 to make a bill payment, which is inclusive of excise duty which is currently 10% of the fees paid.


  1. How long does it take for my bill payment to be processed?

It usually takes about 3 minutes but where there is a system delay, it could take up to a maximum of 30 minutes.


  1. What happens if my transaction is unsuccessful or fails?

The bill payment amount + charges will be automatically reversed to your account within 30 minutes of making the payment. In exceptional circumstances where it is not automatically reversed, it will be manually reversed by the next working day.


  1. How will I know that my payment has been completed successfully?

You will receive an SMS from the company that you are paying confirming that your payment has been received and your account updated.


  1. How will I know that my payment has failed?

You will receive an SMS from the bank informing you that the transaction has failed.



  • Salary Advance


  1. How do I qualify for salary advance?

The bank pre-qualifies customers based on defined criteria. If you are pre-qualified, you will be able to access the menu and submit a request.


  1. How much can I get?

You can get salary advance of between Ksh.7,000 and Ksh.20,000.


  1. What are the charges?

Facility fee is Ksh.990.


  1. When will the charges be recovered?

The charges will be deducted immediately from your salary advance requested amount. However, the net amount advanced plus facility fee will be recovered on your next pay day.


  1. How many salary advances can I have at a time?

You can only have one salary advance facility at a time.


  1. If I qualify and apply for Ksh.10000, will I get the full amount?

No, you will get Ksh.9,010 (10000 – 990) credited to your available balance.


  1. What if i still require a salary advance and I am not part of the prequalified list of customers?

You will need to visit your branch and apply; complete a salary advance application which will go through the normal approval process.


  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)


  1. What is Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) service?

It’s a funds transfer service used to make payments to other banks in Kenya.


  1. How much can I transfer?

Minimum amount Ksh.500; Maximum Ksh.250,000 per transaction. Daily limit is Ksh.500,000.


  1. When will the recipient have the funds credited to their account?

If transaction is submitted by 3.30pm on a working day, the recipient will receive funds same day, otherwise by next working day.


  1. How much will it cost me?

Ksh.275 per transaction.


  1. How will I know that my request has been received by the bank?

You will receive a confirmation SMS that we have received your request and are processing it.


  • M-PESA Send to Other


  1. What is the M-PESA Send to Other service?

It is a service that allows ALL our mobile banking customers to send money from their bank accounts directly to any M-PESA registered number.


  1. How much can I transfer?

Minimum is Ksh.100; maximum is Ksh.70,000 per transaction and Ksh.140,000 per day.


  1. When will the recipient have the funds credited to their account?

In less than 2 minutes unless there is a system delay.


  1. How much will it cost me?

Ksh.77 per transaction.


  1. How will I know that my request has been processed successfully?

You will receive an SMS confirmation once the transaction is completed successfully.


  1. What will happen in case my transaction fails?

Transaction amount + charges will be reversed back to your account.



  1. If I use my visa credit or debit card at any other Kenyan bank’s ATMs, what will the charge be?

           Credit card charges for using our cards at other bank ATMs is 5% cash advance fee


  1. Can I use my visa credit or debit card when I travel out of the country?



  1. If I lose my debit or credit card, what steps should I take to have it blocked?

        Call our Customer Care team on +254 711 068111 or +254 20 3268999.

Diaspora Banking

  1. How can I open an account while away?

You will get an email with an application form attached to it with all the requirements. You will be guided through the filling process then you will assemble the required copies and have them notarised and sent to your relationship manager.

  1. Can I open an account while out of the country?

Yes you can. Let us know which country you are in and we’ll take care of the rest.


  1. Can I get a card?

Yes you can. You get a card on every current account held with us KES and USD.


  1. How can I send money to the account?

Bank to bank transfer is secure and affordable and we highly recommend it.


  1. How do I keep track of my finances?

With our improved digital channels you are able to Be Your Own Banker. This means you can do all you would like on Internet banking and in addition to it you will have a dedicated relationship manager to help you with your banking.


  1. What facilities can I get from Stanbic Bank?

We can finance you 70% to own a home back at home or finance you 50% to own a prime piece of land in a prime place in major towns in Kenya.


Online Banking

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