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7 Mar 2023

Kenya Trade Barometer

Enabling businesses identify, unlock opportunity and drive growth across the continent

"This Africa Trade Barometer report is one of the most comprehensive research reports on the state of trade on the African continent as experienced on the ground by real African businesses. It offers a comparative view of the enablers and challenges to facilitating trade across 10 key African markets.

Trade – in the context of this report – can be understood as the process of production and transfer of goods and services that’s enabled by solutions that effectively connect the supply chain domestically and internationally to create economic value.

The Africa Trade Barometer is aimed at providing a source of reliable data and insights on African markets and economies for businesses and entrepreneurs as well as businesspeople, students, Governments, NGOs and investors considering the continent.

Qualitative and quantitative intelligence was gathered from 2,554 firms during August and September 2022 for the second issue, representing small, big and corporate businesses across all 10 economies. This intelligence is further enriched by third-party sources including the World Bank, International Trade Center, and the central banks of our initial 10 focus markets. The Africa Trade Barometer is aimed at being an important tool that enables businesses to identify, unlock opportunity and drive growth across the continent."

Bill Blackie, Chief Executive
Standard Bank’s Business and Commercial Clients division.

Get insights on how Kenya’s trade environment is ranked amongst 10 other countries in Africa on the following 7 pillars:

  • Governance & Economy
  • Macro Economic Stability
  • Infrastructure
  • Trade openness
  • Foreign trade
  • Traders financial behaviour
  • Access to Finance

Download and see the report here