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Stanbic Bank offers a wide range of financial services to our banking clients. Whether you need to finance a home, grow your personal wealth, or simply need a card for your day-to-day transactions, our consultants will help you find the perfect product.

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Transactional accounts that give you the most convenient access to your funds

Grow Your Wealth

Save your money in an investment account to keep it safe while it earns exceptional interest


Transact and access accounts online anywhere, anytime.

Borrow For Your Needs

Let us help you finance your dreams
Terms and Conditions
Download the General Terms and Conditions here
Download the General Terms and Conditions here
Transactional Accounts

Open a transactional account today, to get the tools you need to manage your money. Swipe your card to pay for your purchases, receive your salary, and do your banking online.

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Personal Transactional account
Personal Saving and Investment
Saving and Investing

If you want to save for your future, be sure to put your money in a savings or investment account. Choose from our options, designed to suit both disciplined savers, and those who simply want to see their savings grow.

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Talk to us about our wide range of loan products to help you buy a car, own a home, or afford an education. Talk to us for competitive interest rates and flexible repayment.


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Personal borrowing
Use the App for your business needs

  • Change payment and withdrawal limits
  • Make once-off, future dated and repeat payments
  • Make international payments
  • Manage your savings and investment accounts
  • Get your business IT3(b) tax certificates