Personal Saving and investing

Grow your money

We offer a range of savings and investment accounts that earn attractive and competitive interest rates to help you reach your financial goals.

Personal saving accounts for you to choose from
call account
Call Deposit account

Call account will allow you earn an attractive return on your funds and still be able to access it as and when required.

Stanbic PureSave
PureSave Account

Our PureSave account helps you to save your spare cash and build up your cash reserves. The product features and competitive interest rates make your money work for you. The more you save the more you earn!

Fixed deposit
Fixed deposit

You are now guaranteed of a fixed return on your money over a definite period of time

We also offer
Smart banking
Smart Banking

Get smarter at managing your money with a wide range of products and services at your disposal

Image for 247 App product info
Mobile banking app

Live at ease and transact quickly and conveniently using your phone 24/7.