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Smart direct account
Get Retrenchment Cover, Life Insurance and Funeral Cover for just Kes. 100 per month
Smart direct
Accelerate Future ni Digital
Providing you with the tools you need to find new opportunities in the digital age
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Stay in Business, Trade Globally
Make payments within seconds to China, India, and Uganda
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The power to trade is now in your hands
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Personal Banking

Stanbic Bank continues to serve the people of Kenya with out range of personal banking products and solutions.

We also offer


A trusted partner to Kenyan Businesses since 1958

Grow Your Money

Keep your cash reserves working for you with a StanBic Bank investment account


Transact and access accounts online anywhere, anytime

Foreign Exchange

Protect your cross-border trades from exchange rate fluctuations.
Personal Banking solutions for you
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Smart Direct account

Get Income Protection and Life Insurance for just Kes. 100 per month

Education protector
Education Protector Insurance

Parents work hard to provide for their children and ensure that they receive a good education, thus protecting their future. Education Protector seeks to take care of the policyholder’s children’s education costs when they are no longer there or cannot earn an income due to a disability, resulting in them being unable to pay for their child’s education

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Mobile banking app

Live at ease and transact quickly and conveniently using your phone 24/7.

Executive banking
Executive banking

Accelerate your hope and aspirations on financial independence

Private banking
Private banking current account

Enjoy personalised service and tailored offerings to suite your requirements

PureSave account

Our PureSave account helps you to save your spare cash and build up your cash reserves. The product features and competitive interest rates make your money work for you. The more you save the more you earn!

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Some great reasons to switch to a bank that does more to help

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