Switch Your Salary Account to Stanbic
Switch Your Salary Account to Stanbic and Win!
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Diaspora Banking
Making Money Count for You and Those Counting on You.
Stanbic Chama App
For the chamas who make their goals a reality.
Get together . Achieve your goals . Better your future
Real Chamas use Stanbic Chama App
Express Pay for Expressway
You can now top up your ETC or MTC using MPESA anytime anywhere by dialing *208#
Undoubtedly IT CAN BE
Earn up to 8% p.a. interest on your savings
105% Mortgage Financing
Mortgage Financing solution just made this easier. Caters for 100% sales price, Stamp Duty and Legal Fees to facilitate home ownership.

Personal Banking

Stanbic Bank continues to serve the people of Kenya with a range of personal banking products and solutions.

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Personal Banking solutions for you
stanbic diaspora banking
Diaspora Banking

Making Money Count for You and Those Counting on You. Open a Diaspora Account digitally and earn up to 10.2% interest with our Short and Long Term Deposits

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Smart Direct account

Get Income Protection and Life Insurance for just Kes. 200 per month

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Mobile banking app

Live at ease and transact quickly and conveniently using your phone 24/7.

Private banking
Private banking current account

Enjoy personalised service and tailored offerings to suite your requirements

PureSave account

Our PureSave account helps you to save your spare cash and build up your cash reserves. The product features and competitive interest rates make your money work for you. The more you save the more you earn!

Borderless banking
Borderless banking

We are now One Bank in Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda

Borrrow for your needs solutions
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Home Loan

Invest in something concrete and move in to your own home with our 105% mortgage financing.

Unsecured Personal Loan
Unsecured personal loan

We know you have aspirations and may need a little help to get ahead. Our personal unsecured loans allow you to choose the product that suits your needs.

Commercial property loan
Construction Financing

This Homeloan solution gives you an opportunity to acquire a construction loan for the development of a single residential property.

Salary Advance
Salary or cash advance

A revolving bridging loan to help you get through the month.

Home Contents Insurance
Equity Release

This solution allows you to borrow against your property i.e. home or land

Vacant Land Financing

This solution allows you to purchase residential plots within major towns in Kenya.

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