DADA is about empowering and growing women in Kenya

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DADA is about empowering and growing women in Kenya.

DADA is about advancing their financial confidence with the intent of building a community of like-minded women who are empowered to dream, act and make a difference from a individual, business and community perspective.

DADA takes into consideration the unique needs of women in Kenya and at Stanbic Bank, our intention is to listen to the woman then work, guide, support and walk with her in the journey of business in a relationship of trust, commitment and partnership.


Under DADA, we will not only offer women financial solutions that are specific to their needs, we will also provide them with value-add services that will equip them to aspire and achieve. The DADA offering includes:

Financial Offering:

  • Borrowing: offering both short- and long-term loans
  • Save: Tailored saving solutions
  • Protect: A wide range of insurance options – Life, Key-man, Health, Education
  • Invest: Creating wealth, preserving wealth and investing.


Non-Financial Offering:

  • Education: Providing tailored financial literacy and business management skills
  • Information: Industry insights, seminars and forums
  • Networking Opportunities- Access to markets, SME platforms and idea hubs
  • Reward and wellness- Health Clinics and CSR support.


Look out for the DADA online community – coming soon- that is designed to educate, inspire and connect women. On this platform, we will feature real women and business-related issues.

If you seek further information on DADA drop us an email: [email protected]


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