Pesalink is a new approach to electronic banking that allows real time bank to bank money transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  1. You can transfer money into and out of any Stanbic account in real time/ instantly.
  2. This service is available 24/7 throughout the year (including public holidays)
  3. It’s very affordable; you can transfer as little as KES 10 up to KES 999,999 at an extremely low cost of KES 0 to KES 200, depending on the amount you transfer.
  4. Pesalink currently available on mobile banking via *208#
  5. Simply dial *208#, select PESALINK, and link your Stanbic Bank accounts to your mobile number. Linking your accounts is Free Of Charge.

To get started simply follow the below steps;

  1. Dial *208# enter your mobile banking PIN
  2. Select Pesalink and select Register.
  3. Confirm that you would like your current account linked to your mobile number. By default the mobile number linked will be your mobile banking registered number.
  4. You will receive an SMS from Pesalink confirming successful registration.

To transact;

  1. Dial *208# enter your Mobile banking PIN
  2. Select Option 8, Pesalink
  3. Select Send Money
  4. Under send money you will have the option to send to Phone, Account or Card
  5. Select option, enter amount and submit.
  6. Both sender and beneficiary will receive an SMS confirmation after successful submission.

What are the charges?

All transaction values of between Kes.1 to Kes.500 will be free of any charges. Values above Kes.500 will incur charges below; The pricing is exclusive of 20% excise duty. 



Total Cost of transaction


























Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQs)

1. What is PesaLink and how does it work?

PesaLink enables customers to make payments between banks in real-time, around the clock, without having to go through intermediaries. The peer-to-peer (P2P) product (Pesalink) is offered by Integrated Payments Limited (IPSL) a subsidiary of KBA.

2. Why should I use PesaLink?

PesaLink is real-time, available 24/7 and one can transfer from as low as KES 10 to as high as KES. 999,999. It is also safe since it eliminates use of cash as a mode of payment.

3. Which banks are part of PesaLink?

All members of KBA are part of PesaLink.

4. How do I send payments using PesaLink?

You can send payments using Mobile banking via *208# and going to the PesaLink menu.

5. Is the send to phone number option like sending to MPESA?

No, Stanbic will link your mobile number to your account, so if someone sends money using this option the funds will be deposited into your account.

6. How do I register for PesaLink?

- Dial *208# and enter your mobile banking PIN
- Select Pesalink option and select Register
- Confirm that you woudl like your current account linked to your mobile number
- You will thereafter receive a text message from Pesalink confirming your successful registration.

7. Can everybody access PesaLink?

Pesalink is currently available on Mobile banking USSD and branches only.

8. How will I update my personal details on PesaLink?

To update personal information on PesaLink, visit your nearest bank branch to submit the new details.

9. Can I use PesaLink to accept payments into my business account?

Yes you can, by providing the account number and directing whoever is sending money to use the ‘Send to Account’ option.

10. Can I use PesaLink to accept payments into another account not linked?

Yes you can by requesting for their account number to transfer funds using the ‘Send to Account’ option on PesaLink

11. Can I register with more than one of the participating Banks?

Yes you can if you have an account with them.

12. Can I send money to someone who is not registered?

Yes you can by using ‘Send to Account’ and ‘Send to Card’ option on PesaLink.

13. How long does it take money sent through PesaLink to hit my account?

It should take a maximum of 45 seconds for a transaction to be completed.

14. Which currency will I use while sending money through PesaLink?

PesaLink will facilitate Funds transfer in KES.

15. Is PesaLink owned by the government?

No. PesaLink is a service offered by IPSL which is a company is owned by KBA and its member Banks.

16. Will PesaLink provide loans?

No. PesaLink will only facilitate ‘Person to Person’ funds transfer.

17. Which languages are available on PesaLink?


18. How will I know that I have sent money to the right person?

The last step of sending money to a recipient requires the user to confirm the details of the transaction i.e. the name of the person (send to phone), the account number and bank of recipient (send to account) and the card number of the recipient (send to card)

19. Do I need a different SIM card to access PesaLink on my mobile phone?

No. You will be able to access PesaLink through the mobile banking platform of your Bank

20. Will I be able to receive funds at night and on public holidays?

One can be able to receive funds of up to KES 999,999 any day and any time.

21. Will I be charged to receive money on PesaLink?

No, users will not be charged to receive funds on PesaLink

22. Can I send money to someone who does not have a bank account?

Currently, PesaLink does not provide funds transfer or withdrawal by those without a bank account. However, the future phases of the service will cater for this feature

23. Will people sending me money be able to see the accounts I have linked to PesaLink?

If a user has accounts linked on PesaLink, those sending funds using “Send to Phone” will only be able to view the various bank names in which the user has accounts linked to and not the bank account numbers

24. Can I access PesaLink outside banking hours?

Yes you can. PesaLink is a 24/7 service.


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