LoungeKey Associate Program

Enjoy instant access to over 900 airport lounges in over 415 cities and 130 countries around the world with your guests when you use Stanbic Bank Private Banking, Wealth and Gold Credit cards.

LoungeKey Associate Program

Enjoy instant access to over 900 airport lounges in over 415 cities and 130 countries around the world with your guests when you use Stanbic Bank Private Banking, Wealth and Gold Credit cards.Simply present your card at the participating Lounge Key airport lounge reception and mention Lounge Key to escape and relax before take-off. You only need to present your card for confirmation at the Lounge.

How does LoungeKey differ from Priority Pass?

LoungeKey is a network of worldwide lounges that allows entry just by presenting your Gold Credit Card. No membership card is required.  Priority Pass Members must have their valid Priority Pass membership card to gain entry to a lounge. 


Enjoying the Benefits of your LoungeKey Membership

Wherever you are, whoever you’re flying with, in whatever class of travel, enjoy airport lounges and relax in total comfort.

Your LoungeKey membership entitles you to a range of benefits;

  • Access to over 900 lounges in more than 130 countries and over 415 cities worldwide
  • Access to the lounge regardless of class of travel or the airline you are flying
  • Complimentary refreshments in a relaxing ambiance – for both you and your guests
  • Access to business facilities - email, internet, phones, fax machines and even conference space in selected cities.


How to get started?

We have automatically enrolled you for LoungeKey so there is no need to sign up.

Website and Loungekey App

To use the Smart phone Mobile App, cardholders will need to register and create an online profile (Username and Password) through the designated LoungeKey URL:  www.loungekey.com/Stanbic cardholders will need to enter their  Stanbic card details, which will validate their eligibility for the program and assign the appropriate deal to their profile, ensuring that the correct lounges are shown. Verification is authenticated through the Stanbic card, provided with BIN/S 516377 // 534198.


At the lounge

When you enter a LoungeKey lounge, inform the lounge receptionist that your Stanbic bank Private Banking, Wealth and Gold Credit Card is in the LoungeKey Program and present your eligible Gold Credit Card to the staff.  Lounge staff will verify eligibility to enter the Lounge by checking the Means of Access visually and then electronically recording the Means of Access through a card/code reader, or otherwise entering the details into a secure system. Lounge staff will also enter the number of guests, if any, accompanying the Customer. If requested, the Customer must sign the card reader screen. The electronic record of the Customer’s Means of Access will be considered valid evidence of the Customer accessing the Lounge. 

If requested, a receipt will be provided. 

Note that you are responsible to confirm all of the details of the transaction at time of entry, for example, number of guests you are bringing with you into the lounge. 

In the unlikely event that the receptionist isn’t familiar with LoungeKey, please double-check your app and show them the lounge listing.


Means of Access:

Where a payment card is used as the Means of Access for the Program, no point of sale transaction takes place. A charge may be made later to the Customer’s Means of Access, if applicable and according to the terms of the benefit offered by a payment card provider.


Use and expiry:

Use of the Lounge access is not transferable, and Customers may only use the Lounge access up to and including the expiry date shown on the LoungeKey website or App, or until expiry of the benefit offered by a payment card provider. Program and Lounge access may not be used by any person other than the eligible Customer.


Applicability of Lounge access for children varies according to each specific Lounge’s policies. Therefore the Customer is advised to check the Lounge description provided within the ‘Lounge Finder’ link in the Program email for specific child-related provisions prior to using the Lounge access. Inclusion of children with regard to eligibility for the Lounge is at the discretion of the Lounge involved. 


Consumption Charges:

The provision of free alcoholic drinks (where local law permits) is at the discretion of each Lounge location and in some cases may be limited or unavailable. In such cases the Customer is responsible for paying any charges for additional consumption directly to Lounge staff. See individual Lounge descriptions for details.


Telephone and Wi-Fi:

Telephone and Wi-Fi facilities (where available) vary and are provided at the Lounge’s discretion. Free usage of telephone in Lounge facilities is generally limited to local calls only. Charges for any other services are at the discretion of each Lounge, and the Customer is responsible for paying these directly to the Lounge.


Finding a Lounge is quick and easy

The lounge listing is updated continually, so you must advise the cardholders to refer to the latest list which is available from our website  www.loungekey.com/Stanbic  or our Mobile App before travelling. When visiting a lounge cardholders need to clearly state that they want to visit the lounge under the “Loungekey” program.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Cardholders can also consult the FAQ on our website   www.loungekey.com/Stanbic/faq which covers a number of commonly asked questions.

Lounge Visit Fees

The cost to gain access to the lounges is US $27.00 per member visit and US $27.00 per guest visit.

LoungeKey has English speaking customer support representatives, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 The representatives can provide you with the following lounge information:

  • Availability of lounges,
  • Location of lounges,
  • Opening hours of lounges,
  • Available facilities, and
  • Any specific conditions of use of the lounges (e.g. limit on time allowed in lounge, limit on number of guests allowed to be taken in the lounge, etc.).


The LoungeKey customer support numbers are:

USA +1 469 334 4714

UK +44 (0)208 865 0767

HK +852 3071 5062

 Additionally, information can be found online at  www.loungekey.com/Stanbic




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