Credit Life Insurance

This is a life insurance policy designed to pay off a borrower's debt (mortgage, unsecured, credit card, motor vehicle) if that borrower dies, is disabled or has a critical illness.


Income Protector Insurance

Your most valuable asset is you and your ability to earn an income during your working career. This product offers income protection cover against death or disability; directly caused by an accident or illness.


Platinum Life Insurance

This is an enhanced product to the Income Protector but offers income protection against death or disability; directly caused by an accident or illness based on the income of the client.


Personal Accident Insurance

You can have greater peace of mind and ensure that you have protection when you need it most.


Private Motor Insurance

Provides protection against accidental loss or damage to your private motor vehicles.


Personal or Family Medical Insurance

Medical insurance provides payment of medical expenses arising out of accident or disease for the individual and/or their family and also extended to include their parents/parents-in-law.


Individual or Family Travel Insurance

The increase in international travel has meant that risks associated with it have grown. This coupled with the high cost of medical care abroad has made travel insurance vital for any traveler.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy protects professionals from legal liability for any acts of negligence they may commit in the course their duty.


Watercraft & Aircraft Insurance

Your watercraft and aircraft is covered in case of an accident, theft, hijacking, fire, explosion, earthquake, storm, hail, flood and snow - even while it's being transported.


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